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What we offer​


Pointers Pharma Ltd. works closely in collaboration with our global business partners to drive regional success. Our internal specialty sectors include Sales & Marketing, Research and Business Development, Regulatory, Distribution and Sales Support.  

​Sales & Marketing

Our team of sales representatives are well experienced with widespread local connections and networks within the healthcare sector, covering key distribution channels such as the following:


  •    Retail pharmacies

  •    Clinics / hospitals

  •    Health stores

  •    Grocery stores

  •    Veterinary supplies

Research & Business Development

We continue to develop and drive success by identifying market gaps and innovative products to fill regional market demands.

  • Our professional team evaluates clinical evidences regarding safety &efficacy on all potential products

  • Keep afloat with all international and local advances in the healthcare sector. 

  • Compliance with safety, ethical and legal regulations


We facilitate our international partners on product registration with our local health authorities.

  • Compilation and preparation of registration dossiers for submission

  • Ensure compliance with all regional licensing requirements and renewals 

  • Ensure compliance with regional direct-to-consumers marketing guidelines 

Distribution & Logistics  

We offer a complete distribution solution from import / export of goods to delivery. 


  • Import / Export licenses handling

  • Customs declaration

  • Compliance with product storage requirements and detail log records

  • Timely delivery to our designated sales channel & distribution points

  • Post-delivery follow up

Customer Support


Customer satisfaction is of utmost importance to us. We attend to all all product related enquiries in a timely manner. Offering professional advice and after-sales services to our regional clients and end consumers.  

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