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Pointers Pharma

Pointers Pharma is a healthcare division under the Pointers Group, with over 20 years of history and experiences in Trading & Distribution.

Founded by pharmacists, we endeavor to improve quality of life by delivering innovative healthcare solutions to our markets. We are passionate and driven by science, unique ingredients, formulations and deliveries.

As a Brand Representative and Distributor, we are well established in the following channels - pharmacies, clinics, health stores, grocery chains, wholesale dealings and veterinary supplies. Our expert team represents international partners in launching, distributing, marketing, education and brand building.

We aim to establish tight-knit partnerships with our clients to generate regional business success in Hong Kong, Macau, China and beyond. 


" Pointing Out Quality Health "

Core Values

Quality - At Pointers Pharma, quality is paramount. We strive to deliver only the best quality, clinically-proven and evidence-based healthcare solutions to our markets.

Professional Ethics and Trust - As a team of healthcare professionals, we have a strong culture of professionalism, ethics and respectable practices within our company. This forms the core to generate tight-knit partnerships and trusts with our partners, clients and consumers. 

Commitment to Health Innovations - To lead by being at the forefront of modern science. We are driven by new developments in healthcare and committed to meet evolving market demands.   

Teamwork - Our team operates from a multi-disciplinary perspective, ​combining our expertise to optimize strategic launch, brand awareness and distributions to create ongoing business success. 

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